Thursday, December 20, 2012

And we're back!

Boy its been a long time hasn't it? 2012 has been a washout for snow. The 2011/2012 season was completely lost, we had two feet of snow in late October 2011 and not a flake until March when we had another four inches. I got the '78 Pantera started for that snow in October, managed to get halfway around the yard before I buried it in the soft wet snow and there it sat for two weeks until the snow melted. It taunted me because each morning when I went to work the snow would be all nice and hard but I didn't want to wake the neighbors and at night it would be all soft again until I was ready to go to bed. So phooey! Here at the end of 2012 we've been taunted a few times but nothing worth reporting has fallen. I did managed to get the '95 Ski-Doo Grand Touring out of its slumber. I was pretty much shocked when it started right up. I'd expected it to fight me but it was really just a peach. As a reward I washed, polished and waxed it up nice and gave it a new tarp which I managed to rig in such a way that the whole seat is covered. The previous tarp left the rear of the seat out in the open which is of course hard on it. Today I started the '78 Pantera which was unsurprisingly difficult to start but once running didn't give me any problems at all. It also got a nice new tarp but needs a little time with the vacuum cleaner, leaves and stuff have a way of getting inside even though its covered and I put a jar of mothballs to repel the critters. That works by the way, get any kind of glass or plastic jar, don't use metal as it'll rust just from condensation, and put a handful of mothballs in. Put jars on the running boards and in the engine bay. If you do put them in the engine bay remember to remove before you start up in the spring. I find putting them near the engine isn't really required anyway. A jar will last forever as long as it doesn't get seriously wet. I've got a couple gravy jars I've been using for years and years.

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