Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Probably missed out

President's Day usually marks the end, or near end of our southern New England snowmobiling season. This one has been a season of ups and downs for me.
Downs mostly because of poor snow, its been a season of feast and famine, specifically 2 weeks of rideable snow during which I (typical) had to work. I did get one trail ride in this year which is one more than last year, even if it did result in a breakdown.

A victory was the purchase and subsequent resurrection of the Polaris Cobra. I'm extremely pleased with how that one turned out. I'm also pleased to have gotten the Wankel Panther running again. Though I'm disappointed that I didn't get the Ski-Doo Olympique going I did make substantial progress and I'm planning on getting some serious work done on it later this year. The nice thing about that one is that it doesn't want any serious amount of money, just some time.

Looking back I realize that I didn't mention the pipe on the Grand Touring. I did mention how easily the sled started and how happy I was about that. Well when we finally got snow and I wanted to ride it around the yard it was WICKED loud. Turns out the exhaust pipe which I knew had some little leaks actually had some MAJOR leaks. The whole bottom of the pipe just forward of where it meets the Y pipe coming out of the engine was missing on the underside. Interesting that it let go in the week or so between when I'd gotten it started and when I wanted to ride it. I spent an afternoon welding some spare metal I had into it. The metal I used is from a pickup bed repair piece and is quite heavy and should last a long time. I should spend another afternoon on it but I'm not sure I will. Randy had shown some interest in selling it for me and I should have jumped right on that idea, frankly I could use the money and lately I'm having more fun with the older stuff.

Anyway Monday was probably my last best shot at riding this year as today I had to head out for southern California, no snow here as you might guess. I'd loosely planned to go ride Leominster State Forest which is where I got into riding again back in 2001. That said life intervened. Angie had to work, it was wicked cold, the trailer was buried behind a literal wall of snow and I had plenty of chores around the house.

Well anyway I'll be back March 2, with any luck we might have one or two more chances to ride yet.

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