Sunday, July 27, 2008

Too many projects

You'll see the same post title in both blogs if you read them but the content is different in each...

I've got too many projects, on the snowmobile front every sled is a project. It'd be nice to have a newer sled (sacrilege!) that I could just hop on and ride up to Keene without any fear that it'd crap out on me. Angie and I have talked it over and a 2up would be the best choice. Randy still has the Yamaha 600 that pulled the TX-L out of the woods last year... To do that I'll need 2 things though, money and space. A nice sled like that ought to live in the garage full time, not out in the weather. So I figure to sell off 2 sleds and keep 2 vintage riders and one newer sled. That way if friends come over we'll have plenty of riders.
So, For Sale:

1. 1971 Arctic Cat Panther 303 - The Wankle Panther with it's push pull primer setup. Its got a brand new seatcover and a reasonably good seatback. The exhaust is holey but I can spend some time making it reasonably solid. Its biggest problem is that its got no spark. Somebody who is smart about points should be able to fix it quick. - $300 which is what I paid for it before the primer upgrade or the new seatcover.

2. 1970 Ski-Doo Olympique 12/3 - The Yellow Bullet - Heavily documented on my site. Good running 300cc motor, reasonable chassis with some relatively minor rust. Decent hood with one small break and some spider cracking. New Camoplast replacement track, new seat and seatback covers. Needs wood for the seat and the carb will need cleaning, I rinsed the gas tank last winter. - $300 which again is what I paid for it as a non-runner with a bad seat and track. The track alone is worth $250.

If you're interested drop me a note:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Old sleds on TV

My wife is a MacGyver addict... I loved the show when I was a kid but unfortunately I find that the shows haven't grown old with dignity....
Anyway we were watching season 3 the other day the episode is "Mask of the Wolf". Mac and Jack Dalton end up chasing some bad guys up into the mountains. The bad guys rent snowmobiles, of course at the time they weren't old snowmobiles.... Its a Phazer and a Jag.
I don't know much about Phazers but the Jag I've seen many of, its the wedge hood and 2up seat. From what I can find the episode would have been shot in '87 or '88 so I'd guess the sled is the same.
Anyway it was pretty cool watching them ride around in what looked to be pretty good snow conditions. Although its foggy so I suspect it was probably pretty warm.