Sunday, January 16, 2011

A good day!

Well a good day following a mediocre one:

Highs from yesterday:
Got to ride some new territory with a friend
Got the '78 Pantera running

Lows from yesterday:
Pantera quit after 1/2 lap of the yard
Wankle Panther has no spark (AGAIN!)

So I took the Ski-Doo and went riding

Today I picked up a new (to me anyway) snowmobile trailer. Sadly my beloved 6' Cox rotted out and late last winter the tongue ripped out from underneath almost causing me to lose the Ski-Doo. Got to meet some good people in buying this new one and it'll be nice to have an 8' trailer...

Today I did about 30 miles on the Ski-Doo in and around Lake Dennison park. Angie took the dog snowshoeing, which is to say Angie snowshoed and the dog went with her, he doesn't have snowshoes...