Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time to RIDE!

Big snow forecast here in north Central MA for today and tonight. With about 3" of good wet white stuff on the ground I went out to start up the '91 Jag Special. I'd tried to start it a few weeks ago and failed but later realized I hadn't turned the gas on. Today with the gas turned on I pulled it over 20 times and nothing happened. Thats when I noticed the CDI box was gone.
About two months ago buddy Randy called me and asked if he could borrow the CDI to try on a customer's machine. I said sure. Buddy Randy then never covered the Jag back up. That irritated me slightly but whatever, it happens. Today I'm extra irritated, my CDI never came back and buddy Randy's shop has gone belly up...

Fortunately its relatively easy to get a replacement CDI and they're relatively cheap. I'll be away next week so I wasn't going to be riding anyway but still.

As a second best maybe I'll go see if the Cobra will start. The Pantera is missing half its clutch. I did finally order new clutch weights and a spring and I finally got them installed in the outer sheave but I've never installed that on the sled. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I'm unlikely to get to it before December. Oh well, so it goes...

So the list:
'78 Pantera - Needs clutch installed, hopefully new weights and spring fix engagement
'91 Jag - Needs CDI
'95 Grand Touring - Needs trailing arm straightened and a stiffening bar welded on. Probably ought to weld a stiffener on the otherside too. Chuckie did warn me about that when I bought aftermarket arms.
'71 Panther - Needs crank seals, seals and o-rings are here as is the clutch puller, just need to have at it.
'79 Cobra - Shouldn't need anything
'70 Olympique - needs a lot...

Not a promising start.