Tuesday, March 2, 2010

End of the season

So I'm going to have to call it...
We got a goo 6" of nice wet snow on Thursday so Saturday Angie and I decided we'd try to ride Leominster State forest. I've ridden there a ton in the past and there aren't too many places where all the rain we had on Tuesday would cause serious troubles.

Well I got about 100' behind my friend's house when I found a water hole I didn't know about (it'd never filled up like that before) and sank the big Ski-Doo to the running boards in knee deep slush... Half an hour of digging the slush out of the way and the sled came out easy peasy. Then I rode another 50' before realizing that the trail to be main trail was totally clogged with treetops that fell during our ice storm in '08. The trail was COMPLETELY impassible. Even walking it took us an hour to go 300 yards to the big trail. Too bad, the big trail looked pretty good.

Anyway, its the second of March, the chances of us having any more ride-able snow are slim and even if we do the big trails won't be opened again this year... So its about time to drain the gas out of my bike so I can finally replace the choke cable and get ready to ride that.