Monday, March 22, 2021

End of the season

 Well, at least we had some season this year.

The other day Ben and I went down to put the machines to sleep for the summer.

We take the drags off so the machines take up less space and leave parking for dog walkers and other woodland adventure types.

It had been really cold the night before so I hoped that the ground would be pretty hard but as you can see on the ground it really wasn't. The Pisten Bully with its steel cleats really chews up the sod. Since its a shady area the grass isn't really all that thick. I'll go back with a rake in a day or two and clean it up a little more but compared to last year this is great. Last year I couldn't get the ASV drag into its spot for the life of me, I ended up chewing great ruts in the ground. Of course I took the drag off in May...

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