Friday, February 22, 2008

Big delays and bad luck

The thing about not updating for awhile is that when you finally update theres a ton to say so you think "well I don't have time for that right now I'll just wait" which just makes it worse. This update is pulled from a posting I put on the Yahoo "Vintage Snowmobiles" group.

Anyway quick update on the NHSMA show last weekend. My Tigre was still in the shop so we took the TX-L and Olympique. The TX-L was fine the Oly ran like crap. I think it was a case of water in the gas. Just as we were leaving it started to run better.

So today I decided to run the Oly until I burned the water and bad gas out. Bad idea, it rained HARD Monday so I think now theres A LOT of water in the gas. It ran even worse. I was lucky to get home. So I figured to take the TX-L to Randy's (Wheels in Motion, Winchendon, MA) to get some gas line so I could siphon (squeeze bulb primers make great siphons) the gas out of the Ski-Doo. Sled started
hard but it'd been sitting, it ran fine until I was trying to cross a little stream when it did its old trick of bogging down and quit. I waited a couple minutes and it started back up and was fine the rest
of the way to Randy's. On the way back in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE it did it again. Worse this time, it was hard to restart. It did it again before I hit the main trail and finally I got about 10 feet down the
main trail and it quit for good. It doesn't fire hardly at all now. By which I actually mean it doesn't get any gas so it doesn't fire up, its got good fire...
Of course I didn't have a light or anything but I can feel that the filter is wet with gas. That filter was new in December I think although it was there when I rubbed a hole in the gas line when I had it routed wrong.

Anyway its too late tonight and I'm too tired to do anything about it. I pushed it off to the side of the trail and walked out, fortunately it wasn't far. Tomorrow I'll put the Cub Cadet on the trailer and haul
it as close as I can get. If need be I'll ruin 300 yards of trail by plowing my way in. The worst part is the ice underneith the powder snow which will undoubtably make things not fun. Maybe I'll see if
Randy has a sled I can borrow that would be big enough to haul the TX-L out...

The Tigre is done, it was the coil like I said to begin with.


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