Saturday, January 26, 2008

My new best friend

I want to take a moment to introduce you to my new best friend.

Its an inline spark tester and is invaluable for troubleshooting ignition issues. You plug one end in to the sparkplug cap, the other onto the sparkplug itself. The center bit glows when there is spark present.
I'd decided today was the day for my '86 Panther, its been around for about a month and thats money sitting in the yard... So I farted around and around. Borrowed a coil from Randy and the sled started, but it would bog badly when I hit the throttle, it would smooth out around half throttle and run okay wide open, weird. So I cleaned the carb again to be ABSOLUTELY sure it was okay, it is.
With the spark tester on I fired it up again, hit the throttle and the light GOES OUT! WTF? Oh wait, this is an '86 Arctic Cat added a stupid throttle position switch in the early eighties, jumper the killswitch and throttle switch out and we're okay...Dagnabbit!

Its hard to see in the picture but I've soldered a jumper across the terminals of the switch. The jumper takes this switch out of the equation but leaves me with a working kill switch. I want to sell this sled and I don't want whoever gets it to get hurt because of not having a kill switch.

Anyway I'm now pretty sure that the coil that was on the sled was fine, the carb was probably fine too, this stupid switch had gone bad and that was the problem. I'm also 99% certain thats why the kill switch is jumped on my Tigre. I'll pull that apart sometime soon, I hate not having a kill switch.


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