Monday, January 28, 2008

Vintage Sled ride

This weekend Feb 2 theres going to be a vintage ride in Spencer, MA sponsored by the Spencer Snowbirds. It looks to be a pretty good time you can get more information on their website its right there on the main page.
The deal is each rider needs to be a SAM member, thats Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts for those not in the know, this is an insurance thing and non-negotiable. I've been told that married couples would be covered under family membership.

I intend to be out there and have invited a couple friends. Sadly Angie has to work and probably won't be able to go. I *might* have the wankle Panther ready, I've got Tuesday off for the chimney sweep to come and should have some time to spend working on it. I bought a propane heater to have in the garage so it should be alot more pleasant working there.

Yesterday I had a little time so I put a different cable on the hood for the Tigre its much shorter and attaches to the stock position. This is just generic cable from the hardware store looped around the stock locations and clamped. Will the clamps hold well enough alone or should I double them? We'll find out! For the hood end connection maybe this summer I'll take it off and solder the cable, the clamp looks ugly but yesterday I just wanted the job done, to do it right will take some more time and a pop rivet, god forbid I waste a pop rivet!


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