Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I ment to have some pictures of Saturday's haul by now but haven't gotten to it. Its funny (not funny ha ha) how life keeps coming up with stuff that needs my attention other than snowmobiles.
Anyway a trip to Randy's (Wheels in Motion, Winchendon, MA, 978-297-0000) yielded a new headlight lens for the Tigre, another headlight wire so the burnt one can go back to the '86 Panther, and 2 loaner CDI boxes.
It turns out the CDI box on the Panther is okay, the problem was the kill switch. I cycled that about 30 times and it works again. It really needs replacing but the wiring is tough to match.
The Tigre is down for the count, it starts runs for a second and dies out fuel starved. I think its probably a plugged pilot jet. Randy had new carb boots for it so I just need the time to get out and pull it all apart. I also need a can of carb cleaner which means I need time to stop at the dollar store... Angie works late tonight so maybe...

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