Saturday, January 26, 2008

Now I've done it.

You may notice ads by Google in the blog now. For the moment they're just public service ads but as time goes on they'll try to sell you stuff. I'm sorry about that, I really hated to do it but I just don't have the extra cash to play around with like I used to and if I want to be able to keep putting out cool articles I need some way to pay for it.
So what is this buying us? First thing will be an Arctic Cat sled with a Walbro carb. I'm thinking a '73 or '74 Cheetah 440 preferably with electric start. That'll let (force? ;) me write an article on cleaning and rebuilding Walbro carbs and maybe another on converting to a Tillotson or Mikuni.
I also want to try putting a Mikuni carb on my '71 Panther 303, the Tillotson HL it originally came with was only ever barely up to the job and is really tough to tune.
The Cheetah project machine would also give me a platform to do more testing with Amsoil Saber 100:1 oil. I got a note from a reader that says he's using it which makes me want to give it another try but I want to do it on a machine I don't care so much about, just in case ;)

Anyway if you really hate the ads don't forget to drop by the website and make a direct paypal donation. If I get a consistant stream of donations I'll discontinue the ads.


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